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Personal Care at Home Tips for Dressing Seniors

If your senior loved one is aging in place, some daily tasks like getting dressed can become less difficult with the help of personal care at home.
Dressing Seniors: Personal Care at Home Upland CA
Dressing Seniors: Personal Care at Home Upland CA

As your loved one ages, one thing you might see him struggling with more lately is dressing himself. He might struggle with getting the clothes on that he wants to wear, as well as wrestle with trying to pick out the most appropriate clothes. If your loved one is aging in place in his home, one way you can help him with this concern is by having someone come in to help him with personal care at home.

A personal care at home provider can help with many aspects of getting ready for the day ahead, including your loved one’s clothing.  Here are some ways a personal care at home provider can help your loved one start his day right.

Choose Weather Appropriate Clothes

Have you ever picked up your loved one on a hot day to have him wearing a heavy sweater and jacket? Or perhaps it was a cold winter day and your loved one forgot to bring gloves and a hat with him. A personal care at home provider will assess what the weather is like each day before choosing the outfit for your loved one. They will also make sure that if you’re loved one is going to spend any time outside, he’ll have the needed clothes ready for that outdoor activity, whether it’s an umbrella for rain, sunglasses for the bright day, or a scarf and hat to keep warm.

Help with Buttons, Zippers, etc.

If your loved one has arthritis, he may have stopped wearing some of his favorite clothes because he can no longer button all the buttons or zip the zippers. You can help with getting him tools to make these tasks more attainable for him to achieve, and you can also have your personal care at home provider help with those tasks. They can also help with getting shoes on and off which can be difficult for seniors who have a limited ability to bend and reach those shoes. And putting on winter boots or rain shoes can be extra difficult so another pair of hands comes in handy.

Getting Dressed Up

For those nights when your loved one has a special event to attend, your personal care at home provider can help with tying his tie, lacing up his dress shoes, and even folding up that handkerchief to place in his jacket pocket. They can also help with any special grooming for a night out, whether it’s a new hairstyle, a quick shave, or applying some light cologne.

Being dressed appropriately not only helps your loved one feel confident in himself, but it is also a matter of safety as well. Poorly chosen clothes can lead to getting too cold or too hot when outside and then either frostbite or overheating. Shoes that aren’t properly secured and worn, can cause your loved one to trip and injure himself. Sometimes having a provider to help with this small part of your loved one’s day can be just the peace of mind you need.

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