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Helping Seniors Manage Agoraphobia

Companion Care at Home in Beaumont CA

Seniors who have companion care at home caregivers participate in meaningful talks, activities, and outings inside the home, which promotes social connection and mental health.

Best Foods to Hasten Recovery from Surgery

Post-Hospital Care in Upland, CA

In addition to what the doctor orders for diet after surgery, have your post-hospital care provider add these foods to the shopping list and on the menu plan to aid in recovery.

Keeping the Brain Active

Home Care in Fontana CA

Whether your loved one plays brain games alone or plays them with another person like her home care provider, they can have benefits to her brain health.

Meatless Recipes for Your Senior Mom

Personal Care at Home in Ontario CA

Personal care at home can help with more than just cooking. They can help your senior eat, bathe, and get dressed, which can help them thrive independently.

Five Ways for Your Senior to Stay Active

Companion Care at Home in Upland CA

Your loved one’s companion care at home provider might be a great resource if you and your loved one are looking for something new to connect with. Here are some other ways to help them stay engaged.

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