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Tips to Help Seniors Manage Incontinence

With personal care at home, your senior parent will have experienced compassionate assistance with things like toileting, getting dressed, and showering.
Personal Care at Home in Riverside, CA

Incontinence. Your senior parent may not want to talk about it, but managing it is important for good health. Seniors who have incontinence have a higher risk of getting UTIs. And they may be embarrassed if they are having issues managing it. If your senior parent has incontinence, you need to talk to them about it and work with them to manage it so that they can be confident and comfortable.

Personal care at home is a great way to help your senior parent with incontinence. With personal care at home, your senior parent will have experienced compassionate assistance with things like toileting, getting dressed, and showering. A care provider who has experience working with seniors can make sure that your senior parent is getting to the bathroom when they need to. Some other tips that can help your senior parent include:

Buy the Right Underwear

Often seniors who have incontinence wear disposable briefs. But if your senior parent doesn’t like those, some companies make underwear that looks like real underwear but absorbs all leaks and moisture so it never sits on the skin. There is no odor or embarrassment because the material absorbs everything and then can be washed in the laundry.

Dress Appropriately

Seniors who have incontinence may want to avoid wearing light-colored pants or shorts in case of a leak. They also may want to wear long shirts or layers to help disguise any accidents. Clothing should also be loose fitting and easy to get on and off in a hurry.

Carry a “Go Bag”

When they go out seniors should carry a discreet bag with extra absorbent products, wipes, and a change of clothing. Having extra supplies and a change of clothes will give seniors the confidence to go out and enjoy life like they did before without having to worry about what would happen if they have an accident while they are out.

Know Where Bathrooms Are

Seniors should learn where the public bathrooms are in the places that they go often like the grocery store, the hair salon, the doctor’s office, the library, and the gym. That way they can make sure they are always near a bathroom.

Choose Seating Wisely

When attending events or gatherings, seniors should look for seating near the restroom or in locations with easy access to hallways or exit doors. That way a senior can get up to use the bathroom with minimum disruption and without calling attention to themselves.

Plan for Rest Stops

When your senior parent is going on a trip, running errands, or going anywhere that requires a car ride that’s more than half an hour or so they should plan on making stops to use the bathroom at rest stops or fast food restaurants along the way. Scheduling time for rest stops can prevent accidents in the car that could be embarrassing for your senior parent. It’s also a good idea to put a towel or absorbent pad on the seat of the car.

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