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Five Ways for Your Senior to Stay Active

Your loved one’s companion care at home provider might be a great resource if you and your loved one are looking for something new to connect with. Here are some other ways to help them stay engaged.
Companion Care at Home in Upland CA
Companion Care at Home

To help your loved one stay healthy, staying engaged in the world around them is an important part of not only their mental health but their physical health as well. Staying engaged with the people, places, and activities they enjoy boosts self-esteem and mood. It keeps them physically active and it creates hope and purpose. All of these are important parts of your aging loved one’s ability to enjoy this stage of his life. There is much to be done and much to be celebrated still!

There are plenty of places and activities that specifically cater to seniors. Your loved one’s companion care at home provider might be a great resource if you and your loved one are looking for something new to connect with. Companion care at home providers can also help with transportation if your loved one finds something he’d like to engage with but needs help to get to and from the location. And of course, if he’d like a little company, the companion care at home provider can always help with that too.

Let’s look at five ways to keep your senior engaged in his community. If you don’t see one that strikes his fancy, build off one of these ideas to include his interests and passions.

  1. Learn something new! There are plenty of organizations out there that will happily teach your loved one a new skill. Maybe it’s something he’s always wanted to try but never had the time in his younger years like painting or cooking. It could be something he never imagined he’d do like learning a new language or learning how to snowshoe.
  2. Serve in the community. Retirement is a great time to volunteer and there are so many organizations that could use a little help for a few hours a week or month. It can be especially rewarding if your loved one gets to volunteer at an organization that he’s always loved, like the local ball club or library. If he has a green thumb, volunteering to help at a local garden could be a good fit, or if he loves animals, serving at a local shelter will be a perfect place for him to volunteer.
  3. Get out for exercise. Being physical and moving is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Your loved one can engage with the community by joining a pickleball league or a bowling league. This way he’ll stay active and build up important connections and friendships.
  4. Join a club. Another way to connect with others and form new relationships is to join a club with like-minded individuals. It could be a bird-watching club, a book club, or a Saturday morning coffee club.
  5. Don’t forget friends and family. Whether it’s going to a grandkid’s tennis match or helping an old friend with meal prep, keeping those connections alive can keep your loved one engaged not only with the world around him but with the people that make being in this world worth it.

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