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Alzheimer’s Care – Know the Differences Between Normal Aging and Dementia

It's important to know the signs of normal aging and Alzheimer's. An Alzheimer’s care provider can help your loved one around the home if they are struggling.
Alzheimer's Care in Fontana CA
Alzheimer's Care in Fontana CA

You’ve noticed some changes in your loved one’s behavior, mood, and cognitive abilities but you’re not sure if it’s normal aging or the early signs of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. You might be in the process of trying to decide if you should start looking for an Alzheimer’s care provider to help your loved one around the home or if a regular home care provider can help with the things he is beginning to struggle with.

While a visit to the doctor is the first and foremost step you should take to determine if dementia is beginning, you can observe behaviors as well and learn a bit from them to determine whether what your loved one is struggling with is normal aging or dementia. Once you look at these six areas, you can then contact his doctor and begin plans for some help from an Alzheimer’s care provider.

Decision Making

  • Normal aging: It may take a bit longer to think things through and consider all of the steps needed but generally with a little time, they can plan out what needs to be done. If a step is missed, they’ll realize it and adjust as necessary.
  • Alzheimer’s signs: Confusion comes quickly and the individual is not able to adjust to changing priorities or needs. He may become stuck in the middle of the process and not be able to move forward at all.

Memory Problems

  • Normal aging: Forgetting the name of someone that was just introduced, or having to consider what day of the week it is for a few moments. It’s also normal to misplace objects so long as with a little effort they can be found.
  • Alzheimer’s signs: Having complete memory lapses of time spent with someone or conversations held. Those with Alzheimer’s may also find they are putting items in unusual places like the car keys in the fridge without any memory of it.

Getting Lost

  • Normal Aging: Struggling to get oriented in a new place and easily turned around but then being able to find their way.
  • Alzheimer’s Signs: Getting lost in familiar places or suddenly able to find their way home from a place they’ve visited regularly in the past.

Vision Problems

  • Normal Aging: Suffering from common eyesight problems like worsening vision or cloudy vision due to cataracts.
  • Alzheimer’s Signs: Not being able to discern what it is they are looking at. Someone with Alzheimer’s may see a reflection or shadow and misinterpret what it is entirely.

Mood Changes

  • Normal Aging: Getting irritable when things don’t go as they should or plans fall through but able to bounce back after a bit of emotional upset.
  • Alzheimer’s Signs: Becoming completely withdrawn or having extreme fears and anxiety about new places and people.

Language Struggles

  • Normal Aging: Taking a little longer to find the word they want or being distracted by too many voices.
  • Alzheimer’s Signs: Unable to follow any conversation without numerous prompts to bring them back into the conversation.

If your loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, a trusted Alzheimer’s care provider can help you care for them and provide a safe and loving environment for them at home.

If you or an aging loved-one is considering Alzheimer’s Home Care in Fontana, CA, please contact the caring staff at Calvary Senior Care today (866) 710-8767

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