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Helping Your Loved One Manage His Diabetes

With consistent care and the help of a caring home care provider, your elderly loved one will be able to manage his diabetes and keep other complications at bay.
Home Care in Rancho Cucamonga CA
Home Care in Rancho Cucamonga CA

If you have recently taken on more caregiving duties for your elderly loved one with diabetes, you will need to be prepared to learn about the disease, how to manage it, and what health concerns to monitor closely to ensure your loved one is staying healthy.

Diabetes is a health condition where the body does not make enough insulin or doesn’t use it correctly. Insulin is a hormone that the body uses to turn glucose into energy. When it’s not working, too much glucose stays in the bloodstream, causing a wide range of health issues.

Diabetes can affect many parts of the body, so if your elderly loved one has diabetes, it’s important for him to manage it so that he does not develop serious health complications. Unmanaged diabetes can lead to kidney disease, eyesight problems, nerve damage, and even heart disease. With proper monitoring and some lifestyle adjustments, most people can manage their diabetes and still enjoy all of life’s activities.

Whether you are doing all of the caregiving yourself or have some extra assistance from a trained and caring home care provider, here are the four key areas your loved one may need help managing:


The food your loved one eats will affect his blood sugar levels. It’s important for him to understand what he can eat and how much he should eat. Because obesity can make diabetes symptoms more complicated, his doctor may recommend he lose weight if he is obese. A home care provider can help with preparing meals that are healthy and satisfying so that your loved one is enjoying what he eats but not hurting his body by eating the wrong things or too much of anything.


Another area your loved one’s doctor is sure to recommend is being active. Daily exercise such as walking or swimming can improve glucose levels in older adults. If your loved one needs an accountability partner to help him stay motivated, ask his home care providers to walk with him when they visit. A home care provider could also drive him to a local community center for daily exercise or a swim.

Glucose Levels Checks

One of the largest changes that diabetics need to adjust to is tracking their glucose levels. Both very high and very low glucose levels can be extremely dangerous so your loved one should have a plan from his doctor about how often he should check his levels. It can be frustrating to check them when feeling fine, but encouraging him to keep the glucose check schedule will help him avoid any dangerous changes in his blood sugar levels.


Sometimes diabetes can be managed without medications, but if the doctor has prescribed medications, help your loved one stay on track with taking them as prescribed.
With consistent care, your elderly loved one will be able to manage his diabetes and keep other complications at bay.

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