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How Seniors Can Avoid Falling For a Romance Scammer

Online dating can be hard on anyone in this day and age. It's especially important for seniors to be able to recognize a romance scammer and home care can help!
Senior Dating Elder Care Riverside CA
Senior Dating Elder Care Riverside CA

There are a lot of scams that target seniors, but romance scams are growing in popularity. As seniors get older and want to find companionship and love they are turning to social media sites and dating sites to find romantic partners. And scammers are taking advantage of that to catfish seniors and try to get money and gifts from them. Some seniors who don’t recognize the signs of being catfished or scammed, have lost their entire life savings to a romance scammer. Because seniors often don’t discuss their relationships with their children, you may never know that your parent has been a target. But there are some things that seniors can do to avoid being scammed by a romance scammer.

Get Elder Care

Elder care is supportive care for seniors that allows them to be happy and healthy at home. This type of care can also help seniors avoid being scammed. A caregiver at home can help seniors vet potential dates, look for red flags in social media profiles, and help seniors stay safe from scams. Elder care providers also do other things for seniors like help with housework, meals, and transportation.

Background Check Prospective Partners

If your senior parent does meet someone online that they think they want to date, they should have a background check done on that person. Even though it will cost a little money, it can save a lot of suffering and hassle to  verify whether or not the person is who they say they are. Your senior parent should have background checks done on any serious dating contenders. And if their partner objects to having a background check done, it could be a big red flag that the person is probably lying.

Only Date Locals and Meet Up First

When seniors are choosing potential romantic partners online, they should look specifically for people that are local to the area. If the person is unwilling to meet up, they probably don’t live locally or at the very least are not serious about dating your senior parent. An elder care provider can go to the meetup with your senior parent to make sure they are safe. Meeting in public for coffee or a drink is a good way to just verify that the other person is real and they are who they portray themselves to be.

Never Send Money To Anyone

Seniors who are dating online should never send money to anyone ever. Not even some money for a meal delivery or some other small treat. A potential romantic partner that they haven’t even met should never be asking them for money. Seniors also shouldn’t expose their personal information by sending money or gifts to someone they haven’t met. If you are a cosigner on your parent’s financial accounts, keep an eye on those accounts to make sure that your senior parent isn’t gifting strangers money thinking they are giving it to a romantic partner.


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