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How to Find Seniors to Write to on Letter to an Elder Day

February 26th is Letter to an Elder Day, which is a day designed to get people to consider the loneliness and isolation some older adults experience.
Letter to an Elder Day: Companion Care at Home Redlands CA
Letter to an Elder Day: Companion Care at Home Redlands CA

One out of three older adults reports feeling lonely. Is your mom among them? Letter to an Elder Day was established on February 26th to get people to consider the loneliness and isolation some older adults experience.

Your mom would love to write letters to others, but you’re not sure how to get her started. Here are some of the best ways to find older adults to write to.

Ask Area Nursing Homes

Call or email different nursing homes in the area. Many have residents who don’t have large families or get a lot of residents. They welcome letters.

Alzheimer’s communities also look for regular cards and letters to brighten their residents’ days. Many can’t read well, but drawings, quick notes, and handcrafted items are welcomed and can make a difference.

Sign Up for a Pen Pal Organization

Several non-profit organizations pair older adults who want to get letters with volunteers. Project PenPal is one of them. Fill out a form for your mom that includes her email, name, and address and she’ll be paired with an older adult to write to.

There are also international pen pal programs that your mom can join. She’ll correspond with someone in another country, allowing her to learn more about another person’s culture and life. It’s a neat way to learn more about the world around her.

Find Old Friends

Does your mom have an old friend she often talks about? See if you can find where that friend lives. With social media, it can be easy to find someone.

Once you do, reach out and see if the friend remembers your mom and would be interested in getting letters from your mom. Not every one of mom’s friends may be interested in reconnecting, but you only need one person for your mom to get started.

Invest in Quality Paper and Note Cards

When you have someone for your mom to write to, get some appealing note cards or writing paper. A comfortable pen also makes it easier to write longer letters. See if your mom prefers gel, classic ink, or felt tip pens, and get whatever she prefers.

Is Your Mom Also Lonely?

What would most help your mom as she ages at home? Companionship should be at the top of that list. Her mental, emotional, and physical health benefit from regular visitors and social opportunities. Companion care at home is a convenient way to ensure your mom has someone visiting, especially if you’re too far away to stop by often.

Gather the family, talk about your mom’s weekly routine, and see who stops by. If she’s lacking in company some days, look into companion care at home on those days.

If you or an aging loved-one is considering Companion Care at Home in Redlands, CA please contact the caring staff at Calvary Senior Care today. (866) 710-8767


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